Way to Boost Traffic Using Off-Page SEO Techniques

When we talk about improving SEO, we usually consider making on-site changes such as keywords and descriptions in order to drive the traffic on the website. Improving the quality of content and including a blog are also the most preferred options.

Well, all these approaches surely help but the value of off-site factors cannot be ignored as well.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO mainly involves the SEO methods and tactics which are applied outside the website. So, it can be regarded as a way to improve reputation of the website. It involves the things that you do and also the things that other people do about your business. For instance, social media activity, online reviews and guest blogging are all the examples of off-page SEO.

While a lot of people may think that off-page SEO is all about link building, you need to understand that earning high quality backlinks should be the primary goal in this regard. And, if you are planning to earn high quality backlinks, you will need to think above the common link building practices.

With that said, your off-page SEO activity should be about building better reputation before you jump in to publish your sales pitch. And that promotional statement should also be expressed in not-too-promotional way.

The way to connect with target audience

First, you can focus social media to start with your off-page activity. The reason for statin social media in priority is that it is the primary place where you will be able to find your target audience with much ease. However, the social media activity needs to be organized in a better way. If you do not have enough resources or you lack the knowledge of utilizing resources in the better way, you might end up hurting your reputation.

Another way to say a word about your business is to post on forums and message boards. But, you need to understand the fact that starting logical discussion and continuing it for the long time until you get into a position to suggest about your brand is the real way to market about your brand. As a general suggestion, forget about promoting your brand for most of the times. Build your reputation first.

Another way to promote your business is to incorporate off-page content in your website. If you are running your on-site blog, it could serve as the best opportunity to include forum posts, infographics, videos and other types of rich content, which you would have posted on other websites, in your blog posts.

Building relationships

If you want to build relationship with the audience for the betterment of your website promotion, there is no way other than off-site SEO to make it happen. For instance, guest blogging has emerged to be a highly trustable way to build relationship with the target audience. Guest blogging websites are usually highly moderated platforms which only allow high quality posts to be published. So, if your blog post with a promotion in it gets published on a high quality guest blogging platform, it must be something worth reading.

Another way is to comment on the blogs you read regularly. I am not talking about the type of comment posting that most of the people do. Instead, your comment should be more insightful about the blog post you are commenting on. Try to avoid posting the link of your website and also avoid being promotional.


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